Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zodiac Signs

It's too late for me to write a post but I'm doing it anyways. I was thinking about how my zodiac sign personality traits don't apply to me at all so I of course googled it.
Alice's sister was such a Virgo.

My birth sign (Virgo) says I am modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, analytical, and diligent. I find that very odd because I am none of those, as a matter of fact I typically despise those traits in people, unless they're intelligent then that's great as long as they're not arrogant.

So I read all of the other ones and I decided I'm defiantly a fire sign, I think since I was born on the boarder of Leo and Virgo, therefore I am self declaring myself a Leo.
Lion is my favorite animal anyways

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