Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

I haven't posted much throughout the course of this blog but that's going to change!

Friday was my birthday and my friends Bailey and Joe took me out for some greek food I had a delicious falafel sandwich at my favorite greek restaurant Mazzah which I would recommend to anyone vegetarian or anyone who enjoys greek food.

On Saturday I went thrifting with my friend will I got some really great stuff which I hope to share with you in a later post but I don't have a camera right now.... For lunch we went to this grocery store next to Volunteers of America and I got the most heavenly soup, it was wild mushroom with brie I might even go as far as to say it was the best thing I've eaten all summer (maybe all year) I've been craving it ever since.
It looked like this

For dinner I went out to Eleven with Joe and Will but it was terrible, the calamari was soggy the mac and cheese didn't even have a cheesy flavor and the only good dishes were mine (thank god) and for dessert we walked over to Jeni's where I got a trio of Rockmill Golden Ale and Apricots, Pear Riesling, and Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt. It was all excellent as usual.

Photo Courtesy of Jeni's website

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My good friend Carly

A pretty creepy picture but, I like it.

What I have of my terrium so far, I still need a little plastic deer 

Katie at Steak and Shake

My cat Sampson who I sing Regina Spektor to all the time.
I think he hates me for it.
Potatoes I was cutting the other night.
I was thinking of a spine when I made this shape.
I wish I were better at photography... I refuse to take Photo 1 because it's filled with a bunch of girls that take black and white pictures with fisheye lenses and consider themselves groundbreaking artists.

Senior Schedule

P1: S1 Workshop Theater
    S2 Study Hall
P2:    IB Physics
P3:    Politics, Economics, and Government
P4:    World Literature and Composition
P5: S1 Lunch
    S2 Desktop Design
P6: S1 Study Hall
    S2 Lunch 2
P7:    IB Math SL
P8: S1 Material Science
    S2 Life Guarding

Class Descriptions:
Workshop Theater: An introductory class to the theater and stage acting.

Study Hall: Seniors have full open campus so study hall is open and I don't have to be at school until 8:54 am second semester and first semester I have a double lunch which will be an hour and a half :)
Jason Lee Parry
IB Physics: IB stands for International Baccalaureate which are college level classes taught the same all over the world. Many colleges consider this acceptable as credit towards your major and numerous offer scholarships around $2,500 per year for IB students.
Politics, Economics, and Government: We learn about current issues with the government and are taught how to educate ourselves on issues before voting.

World Literature and Composition: Just a regular English class focusing on international literature.
Lunch: The reason I have lunch 2 is because typically lunches are supposed to be periods 4 or 5 but because I wanted to take desktop design I have to have lunch 6th period which shouldn't be an issue assuming some of my friends have 6th period study hall. Going along with open campus all students have open lunch and may eat anywhere they want.
Desktop Design: An introduction course to using photoshop.

IB Math SL: IB level math that teaches you precalculus and calculus in one year. SL stands for standard level.

Material Science: A fun science class that involves making dip-n-dots in liquid nitrogen, that's all I needed to hear. Not to mention the teacher of the class was my Chemistry teacher last year and I love her she's so kooky.
Mmm I can taste them already…
Life Guarding: My sister works as a life guard and she loves it so I decided to take this class to get my certification, and an extra gym credit.
If only Chuck Bass were the teacher

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 Word Stories

Six Word Stories could possibly be the best website I've ever been on (ok, maybe not THE BEST but it's up there) I just love how the brief sentences leave everything open to interpretation and the artwork is so beautiful.    

I've Found It!

So I couldn't find the poem I based my blog name on and I really wanted to quote it when I first started the blog. But I found the poem in a book about Buddhism that I got from the library called The Buddha Book.


On Life

Life is…
like a flickering flame:
a phenomenon that
cannot last long.
Like an illusion:
appearing real
but not there-
being empty.

Phenomena are
like dewdrops
or water bubbles
that can perish at any time.

Being transitory in nature
like a dream
they appear real
from their own side,
yet they are empty from
their own side.

Like a dream-
exactly like that.
Total hallucination
Like lightning,
transitory in nature.
When there is lightning
a flash of light appears
and then is gone.

When death comes
all appearance of this life
like friends who were here
then pass away
and are gone.

Buddha said:
If we cling, if we grasp
there is suffering.
Things cannot last;
they are impermanent by
Holding the view of
only leads to suffering.
It creates the cause to
reincarnate in samsara

Attachment ties us to
samsara… again.



Beautiful drawings I found while browsing Tumblr. The first elephant really caught my eye.



My Poor Neglected Blog

WAHH! Summer will be over on Wednesday so I am officially blogging my last summer night. I've been doing everything I can to make sure my last week of summer is amazing, it seems like my very first post was eons ago. Although I intend to keep up with my blog during summer I make no guarantees! Senior year will be stressful but I have a schedule I'm really excited about (I'll set it to post on the first day of school) I think these pictures by Brian Sheffield for the Glamour Kills Clothing perfectly embody summertime.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zodiac Signs

It's too late for me to write a post but I'm doing it anyways. I was thinking about how my zodiac sign personality traits don't apply to me at all so I of course googled it.
Alice's sister was such a Virgo.

My birth sign (Virgo) says I am modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, analytical, and diligent. I find that very odd because I am none of those, as a matter of fact I typically despise those traits in people, unless they're intelligent then that's great as long as they're not arrogant.

So I read all of the other ones and I decided I'm defiantly a fire sign, I think since I was born on the boarder of Leo and Virgo, therefore I am self declaring myself a Leo.
Lion is my favorite animal anyways

Monday, August 8, 2011

You're either weird or pretending not to be.
-Andy Frick


I confess, I've been back from camp for a few days now (I got back on the 3rd) but I've been so busy getting my normal life in order (and researching for a new project) I haven't gotten a chance to write a post. Anyways, while at camp I was trailblazing, which is pretty much making new trails in the hocking hills for campers and hiking enthusiasts alike to use, while I was trailblazing we had to take all of the plants off the new path so I picked up a fern and a little almost patty of moss and I put them in my water bottle. I decided I was going to rescue these plants. When I got back to the lodge where the guards stay I found a plastic bag and wet some paper towels and put them in the bag with lots of air. After thinking about it I decided I wanted to make a terrarium. So long story short here's my terrarium inspiration. 

I love the rustic look of these.
This would be a great way to recycle an old lightbulb
These mini terrariums are so cute!

These would make a really fun and easy DIY
The whimsical feel of this pendant is exactly
what I'm going for in my terrarium

All other images [source]