Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Senior Schedule

P1: S1 Workshop Theater
    S2 Study Hall
P2:    IB Physics
P3:    Politics, Economics, and Government
P4:    World Literature and Composition
P5: S1 Lunch
    S2 Desktop Design
P6: S1 Study Hall
    S2 Lunch 2
P7:    IB Math SL
P8: S1 Material Science
    S2 Life Guarding

Class Descriptions:
Workshop Theater: An introductory class to the theater and stage acting.

Study Hall: Seniors have full open campus so study hall is open and I don't have to be at school until 8:54 am second semester and first semester I have a double lunch which will be an hour and a half :)
Jason Lee Parry
IB Physics: IB stands for International Baccalaureate which are college level classes taught the same all over the world. Many colleges consider this acceptable as credit towards your major and numerous offer scholarships around $2,500 per year for IB students.
Politics, Economics, and Government: We learn about current issues with the government and are taught how to educate ourselves on issues before voting.

World Literature and Composition: Just a regular English class focusing on international literature.
Lunch: The reason I have lunch 2 is because typically lunches are supposed to be periods 4 or 5 but because I wanted to take desktop design I have to have lunch 6th period which shouldn't be an issue assuming some of my friends have 6th period study hall. Going along with open campus all students have open lunch and may eat anywhere they want.
Desktop Design: An introduction course to using photoshop.

IB Math SL: IB level math that teaches you precalculus and calculus in one year. SL stands for standard level.

Material Science: A fun science class that involves making dip-n-dots in liquid nitrogen, that's all I needed to hear. Not to mention the teacher of the class was my Chemistry teacher last year and I love her she's so kooky.
Mmm I can taste them already…
Life Guarding: My sister works as a life guard and she loves it so I decided to take this class to get my certification, and an extra gym credit.
If only Chuck Bass were the teacher

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