Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've Found It!

So I couldn't find the poem I based my blog name on and I really wanted to quote it when I first started the blog. But I found the poem in a book about Buddhism that I got from the library called The Buddha Book.


On Life

Life is…
like a flickering flame:
a phenomenon that
cannot last long.
Like an illusion:
appearing real
but not there-
being empty.

Phenomena are
like dewdrops
or water bubbles
that can perish at any time.

Being transitory in nature
like a dream
they appear real
from their own side,
yet they are empty from
their own side.

Like a dream-
exactly like that.
Total hallucination
Like lightning,
transitory in nature.
When there is lightning
a flash of light appears
and then is gone.

When death comes
all appearance of this life
like friends who were here
then pass away
and are gone.

Buddha said:
If we cling, if we grasp
there is suffering.
Things cannot last;
they are impermanent by
Holding the view of
only leads to suffering.
It creates the cause to
reincarnate in samsara

Attachment ties us to
samsara… again.


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