Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Keychain for You

I really want to do a DIY for you but my camera got stolen so I'm just going to describe the process.

I found this bag clip/ keychain thing at free people but once again I was amazed by the price so here's an easier way to make one!

Free People $38

Old Necklace
Snap Bolt Clip
Needle Nose Pliers

Cut the chain in various lengths and using the pliers pry open a link of the chain, it helps if you have a cheap necklace, like one from Forever 21. Attach the chain links to the snap bolt clip's base, you can buy one from a craft store for $2 or steal one from an old keychain. Attach a charm or maybe an earring with no match by bending the post around the chain, whatever you like! I wish I could show you mine, it's awesome.

BAM a $40 keychain free if you scavenge the house.

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