Sunday, September 4, 2011

College (sounds so weird to say)

So I've been looking at colleges for the past couple days and it is just so exciting to have a new beginning, to start off in a new place and make new friends.
Who doesn't love Animal House?

Needless to say I am VERY excited but the when I got down to the logistics of it I realized, my GPA sucks, standing now at a cumulative (weighted) 2.48, I haven't taken the SAT or ACT yet and I can only afford $20,000 per year including textbooks, room and board, and a meal plan and I do not want to stay in state. Sure Ohio has great colleges and students at my schools get special consideration for OSU because it's our designated public college but that is just way to close for me and I want to go somewhere that's not a bubble, and out of my comfort zone.
The Rooms at George town are so pretty, at first I thought
 this was some school in India.

 I'm beginning to get discouraged, I've come up so far with a list of 10 schools but I have no schools that I'm sure I'll get in. My best bet is to not try to get into schools with tough admissions and work really hard this semester so my GPA will be at least above a 2.5.
I thought this was so funny, one year
at Akita they made a triple layer bunk
bed but then the whole cabin got on
the top bunk and the bed collapsed
and put holes in the floor of the cabin.

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